Stenographers. Because Siri can't handle my job.

Just a steno student spreading steno sparkle to all of you steno superstars!

Steno Life!

What is Steno?

A stenographer’s wpm? 225. That is how fast a stenographer’s fingers have to fly to get certified. Not only do these hyper-focused, somewhat type-A personalities have to be fast, but they also have to be accurate. And no machine yet has been invented that can pick up a regional accent and make sense of it.

Stenographers are the reason you can watch live news with captions. They are the reason that courtrooms run smoothly and justice is recorded by the millisecond. Stenographers keep meeting minutes in high-pressure boardroom meetings so that shareholders don’t miss a beat. And they do it all in a short-hand language they have to learn and know by heart. And yeah, there is cursing... In Steno.

So do these hard-working, badass, keyboard warriors deserve to have some swagger in their step? You bet your sweet bippy they do. Get your favorite stenographer a unique gift.

Check out My Swag Here. And buckle up buttercup, there will be swearing.

Pay it forward Steno Style!

Send some steno karma to a worthy student. Great way to motivate and encourage a worthy steno student! Brighten someone's day with a beautifully assembled gift box.

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My customers rock

5 out of 5 stars    

First and foremost, the response time to my question and customer service was fantastic! Secondly, it got to me quickly and exactly as described! And lastly, the product is perfect! It's made of super-soft material, the stretchy band is just enough, and it fits over my Lumi II and then some. I love it, and the print couldn't be better! Thank you so much!


5 out of 5 stars    

Perfection! I noticed my machine is getting very dusty all the time. I leave it out because I am doing Zoom depos now and so I wanted a cover. I love it so much. Thank you


5 out of 5 stars

I ordered because they are using spray in our courtrooms to sanitize the air in our courtroom and I wanted to protect my writer from it. It fits perfectly and is very pretty too!


5 out of 5 stars    

It's a perfect fit for my Luminex. Quality made and beautiful fabric. The steno sticker gift was super cute! Thank you for this gorgeous steno machine cover.


5 out of 5 stars    

I LOVE my cover. The fabric is so soft. It fits my Luminex perfectly. I received it in a few days. I would definitely recommend it.