Steno Talk Podcast

Have y'all heard about the new podcast specifically for court reporting students and professionals? It's called Steno Talk, and it's hosted by a current student, Katie Morfin, and a newly certified reporter, Anna Mar. After realizing that there aren't many resources out there for students, Katie and Anna decided to start Steno Talk during a time when they feel students need it the most. They launch March 3, 2021, and will join their listeners every Wednesday for a cup of coffee to talk about their current journeys, a different steno topic every week, and share with everyone everything they realized they don't teach you in court reporting school. They know firsthand how lonely court reporting school can be and what needing a #stenotribe is like, and they want to be just that for their listeners. So get ready for some coffee, community, and court reporting with Steno Talk! 
Their teaser is currently available on all podcast platforms so be sure to subscribe so you can get a notification every time a new episode is posted,

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