Custom T-shirt Writer Cover

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Send me a T-shirt and I will send you a custom, one of a kind, writer cover just for you!

I need to be able to cut a 17 inch in diameter circle out of the T-shirt. Large shirts work best. If the shirt is smaller the design might not get centered - but that can still look creative and fun! I would not recommend sweatshirts because they tend to be fuzzy and have too much lint. 

Send the t-shirt to: Steno Swag, 5555 Staffanson Rd, Bozeman MT 59718.   Please include a note with your name and contact info to help me keep this process organized. Please include your phone number. If I have questions I might send you a quick text. 

If you have t-shirts you would like to donate, I would love to have them! 

Each custom t-shirt cover is $21 and includes free shipping to you. 

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