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Steno speed students this is designed just for you! This is a colorful, motivational, 90-day practice planner. This includes:

A cover page to write your goals, daily affirmations, or plans. Make it your own!

A 12-week goal planner.  Set your goals and crush them!

A 90-day challenge! Set a daily goal and hold yourself accountable!

A speed tracker chart. Set your goals and keep track of your accomplishments. 

An "About Me" page. A place to establish your "why", short-term goals, long-term goals, vision, and plans. 

Daily practice pages. These pages have room for; daily affirmation, practice plan, classes, goals, priorities, tests, hesitation words, briefs, theory needs review, happy face, and accomplishments. A great way to keep track of your strengths and areas you need to review. Identify certain hesitation words or areas of theory that need more practice. Look back and see how far you have come!

Last page! You did it! A place for reflection and setting new goals. 

Not theory specific.


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