Jewelry Charm

Your bestie just passed that dreaded speed test, or got her certification, but to be honest, you don't know what to get her to celebrate.

You know it was hard. Really hard. 
You know she turned down that margarita night regularly for years.
You know you want to get her something sentimental.

Behold the Steno Charm!

Shaped like that beloved machine she has been lugging around, it comes in Tiffany Blue and Schiaparelli Pink.

It will remind her of your support and friendship for years to come. The enamel charm will fit in perfectly with her existing bracelet or can be added to a necklace.

PROTIP: If you write:
"Congrats on reaching 225 and your dreams"
you will have a solid lock on your bestie relationship!

Celebrate her, or your, accomplishments with a little Steno Style!