Pay it Forward Steno Style!

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      Do you know a hard-working Steno Student? Treat that person with a motivational, steno swag box! This product has been designed as an opportunity to share some love with a student who may need some motivation to keep going! Or maybe it's a reward for a speed that student just passed. 

      Would you like to send a Pay it Forward gift to someone?  Sponsor a student! You can just purchase a gift set and I will do the rest! I will send the gift set to the next steno student on my list and include a note from you. If you would like to send it to a certain person please tell me at check out who you would like me to send it to. Just click the DONATE button below.

      Would you like to receive a Pay it Forward Gift Set?  Are you a student in need of a swag box? Click the RECEIVE button. It will take you through a free purchase transaction, just so I can get your contact info. It will not charge you anything, promise. You will be added to the recipient list and receive your swag box soon! 

      What is in the box??  The box will contain a stylish writer cover, fun keypads, some stickers and a motivational fortune cookie! It's all packaged up in a custom swag box. The cover and keypads will vary in each box. 

      Which writer cover and keypads are in the box?  Fun ones! That part is a little bit of a surprise and you will have to just go with it! It will be fun and you will enjoy it! Each box contains the same products but the patterns will vary. 

      Can I buy one (or more) and have them shipped to me?  Yes. 

      Still have questions? Text me 406-600-8535

      2 products

      2 products