Quarterly Subscription Swag Box


      The Quarterly Steno Swag Subscription Box! Features steno-themed merchandise and some luxurious goodies, shipped every 90 days. Boxes ship in January, April, July and October. 

      What will be in my Swag Box? Each box will have NEW swag items and some girly glam goodies. About $100 worth of swag!

      I want to sign up! How does this work?  Go to the upcoming box and purchase it. It will not ship until the next shipping month. Jan, April, July and Oct. It's $49/quarter. I will send you an invoice for the following box and it's up to you to pay it or skip it. 

      I have already bought so much swag from Steno Swag, I really don't want to get the same items I already have.  Well thank you for shopping, I do appreciate it! The plan is to have most (if not all) of the items in the Swag Box to be brand new items! If you do get a repeat item just let me know. I will exchange it for something different because I want you to LOVE your swag box! 

      I just want to buy that one Swag Box.  The boxes will be available for purchase until they are sold out. For example: maybe you just want to buy the summer swag box, which is still available, go ahead and purchase it. When you get the invoice for the next box either ignore it or just let me know you don't want more. IT IS NOT AUTO BILLED.

      These make great raffle items for your event!! If you want just one box for your event go ahead and purchase and you can let me know it is just a one-time purchase. I can also put together a specific box for your event! 

      Missed a box? If the box is sold out some of the items may still be available. Look in the appropriate category or they may be in the miscellaneous category. 

      Yes, I ship to Canada. If it doesn't let you check out please contact me and I will send you an invoice instead. 

      3 products

      3 products