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      The Quarterly Steno Swag Subscription Box! Features steno-themed merchandise and some luxurious goodies, shipped every 90 days. To purchase, click on the image of the hat after this description. 

      What will be in my Swag Box?  Fabulous steno-themed merchandise and some luxurious, Montana-made goodies! Think wild huckleberry, Chardonnay, chocolate bar; wild huckleberry and shea butter soap; or wild huckleberry tea, coffee and hot chocolates!  You can check out the Gift Sets I sell to get an idea of what will be in the box. Or find my blog post (on this website) where I will post pics of current and previous Swag Boxes. 

      I want the deets! Show me what is in the dang box! Ok! I will post the contents of each swag box as soon as I get it all put together. I will post a pic in the blog, of each swag box, so you can see previous ones and the upcoming box. 

      I have commitment issues, I want the swag but I don't want to commit to a subscription. OMG. I can so relate. You can cancel at any time. I promise! And if you get a box of swag and really don't want it - send it back to me and I will refund your money. I really do strive to make everyone happy. After the subscriptions have been sent any remaining ones will be posted in my gift set collections, but they will be priced a little higher. 

      I have already bought so much swag from Steno Swag, I really don't want to get the same items I already have.  Well thank you for shopping, I do appreciate it! The plan is to have most (if not all) of the items in the Swag Box to be brand new items! If you do get a repeat item just let me know. I will exchange it for something different because I want you to LOVE your swag box! 

      I just want to buy that one Swag Box.  Okey Dokey! I will fulfill the orders for the subscriptions first, and then if any are left, I will post them in the Gift Set Collection. But they will be priced a little higher. 

      If you purchase the subscription your card will be billed once, every 90 days, for $49. You can cancel ANYTIME! 

      1 product

      1 product