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      Stickers for KROERTS & KWAOEPBS

      Your snarky and sweet sticker dreams have come true.

      Curated by yours truly and created with kiss cut edges for easy application, this sticker collection celebrates your milestones, encourages you to reach your goals, and gives Siri the finger.

      • Durable-just like your dedication
      • Customizable-for all your gadget sticker needs
        • 2×2 your cell
        • 3×3-laptop
        • 4x4- writer
        • 6×6-car
      • Slightly Condescending
        • because not everyone can read our secret language

      Slap these on everything from mirrors to laptops to your car window.

      Remind you and everyone else that Steno is a superpower and Siri can suck it.

      38 products

      38 products