DONATE -  Gift a Swag Box to a Steno Student

DONATE - Gift a Swag Box to a Steno Student

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Would you like to gift a motivational box of swag to a hard-working steno student? Simply purchase as many as you like and I will take care of the rest!

The well-deserving student will receive a beautiful box of swag which contains a stylish writer cover, a set of faux leather keypads, some fun stickers and a steno-themed fortune cookie. A gift card from you will also be included.  The exact cover and keypads will vary slightly in each box. 

Thank you for donating!

You may send the swag box to a specific person or yourself. 

There is a place at check out where you can leave me a message if needed. Or you can always text me if you have questions. 406-600-8535 - Jill

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