Fall Subscription Box

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This is the Fall (October) Quarterly Subscription Box. This HANGRY themed box of swag is classy and a little badassy! It's black with a touch of autumn orange and so Stenoluscious! 

The classy, Stenoluscious, Glam bag contains a couple of fabulous girly items. A cool as a cucumber, hydrogel eye mask to keep you looking refreshed. And a Beauty Tonic collagen which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. This bag is great for traveling or just the right size for small work gadgets. 

The HANGRY lunch bag is full of fun lunch goodies! A set of bamboo silverware and chopsticks, a reusable straw and a coaster. Perfect for work/school lunches or maybe traveling! 

A black and orange coffee cup that reads, "Stenographer. Because every word matters." A packet of luxurious Mexican drinking chocolate. So yummy! 

Also contains an envelope with stickers and a magnet. 

Only $49 plus shipping. You will be added to the email list to receive the next box which you will be able to approve or decline the transaction. This IS NOT auto billed. 

This would make a great raffle item for your event or maybe a gift for your friend or coworker. 

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