Steno Student Planner Pages Packet (#3)

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Steno Students! This has been designed just for you! This packet contains 6 planner pages created for Steno Students. You can print these as many times as you like. 

Page 1 - Cover Page. Life starts at 225. You could use this on your vision board, decorate you work space or use it as a cover page in a notebook.

Page 2 - 30-Day Challenge. Create a 30-day practice challenge for yourself! 

Page 3 - My Steno Life. This is your daily planner page. List you to-do's, goals and your detailed plan for the day. 

Page 4 - Practice Tracker. Keep track of your actual practice time every day. You could put your goals and your actual time in the boxes. This weekly page has categories for LIT, Q & A, JURY.

Page 5 - Goals.  This page is all about your goals! Write them down and hold yourself accountable. Short-term, long-term and monthly goals. 

Page 6 - Practice Lists - Keep track of the words that are slowing you down and practice them! This page would work as your weekly practice page of hesitation words, briefs, theory and right-hand phrase enders. Practice them until you have them memorized and can throw away this page.  


Not theory specific.

Please let me know if you have any problems downloading this.

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