Steno Student Practice Planner

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Steno Student Practice Planner. New smaller size - 9 x 7

This workbook is a great way to organize your studies and really focus on your hesitations!  60 days of focused practice!

Page 1:  Speed Tracker Chart. This has 5 columns and you write in your own categories: lit, jury, Q & A...  Speeds from 60 - 225. Tear it out and hang it in your work area if you like. 

Page 2:  Goals. This is a one-year goal chart. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and review them often!

Page 3:  60-Day Challenge. Pick a goal. Maybe you want to practice for a certain number of hours each day. Or finger drills for a certain amount of time each day. Pick a daily goal and focus! Practice becomes a habit!

Page 4 and 5:  Conflict Resolution. What are the conflicts that are slowing you down right now? Write down these groups of words and practice them. Resolve those conflicts.

60 pages of Daily Practice: Use this page every day to organize your day. Keep track of today's goal, any assignments due, classes, and tests. You can also jot down theory that may be slowing you down, what endings are causing hesitation? There is a spot for briefs and Right Hand Phrase Enders you may want to learn. And a hesitation list. Write down those hesitation words. Then at the end of the workbook you can look back and see what you need to really practice. 

Hope you enjoy your practice planner!

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